Silicon Insoles

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LP Silicone Insoles are ideal for any type of activity, sports or daily use and are also easy to clean and high durable.

Comfortable and durable - Helps prevent injury - Protects from impact shock

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LP SILICONE INSOLES material is biomechanically engineered to provide the proper balance of shock absorption and energy return. Two layers of different densities absorb the impact on the ankle, knee and hip joints when walking and during any sports activity. The insoles include anti-slip crests between the toes and metatarsal to help stabilise the forefoot. The blue silicone in the heel and lateral midfoot enhances cushioning. Easy to clean and high durable.

Designed to absorb impact over the entire plantar surface of the foot.

Made with silicon to enhance comfort and durability.

Ideal for any type of activity, sports or daily use.